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Cybersecurity Business Solutions You Can Depend On

Legendary Systems Managed Security Service Provider.

We have over 25 years of Technology Experience.

We are Linux, Microsoft/windows and Apple certified.

We are an authorized Microsoft Cloud Support Partner and Dell solutions Provider. This means giving you access to Microsoft programs including Office Suite Packages, as well as additional PCs/equipment if future expansion is on the horizon.

Yes, we service commercial clients.

  • We are the one phone call for all your systems, and any potential issues.
  • Our managed security service can manage all Phone services, Email, Anti-virus, Firewalls, backup servers, spam filters, site blockers, and anything else you could think of.
  • There are no potential scheduling issues or having to “be there to let the IT Guy in” for any systems updates.
  • We offer a Monthly maintenance plan, which means, you can properly budget for your expenses, and do not have to worry about any potential “big bills” as a result of an “IT issue”.
    • Traditional IT, especially during a “crisis/big tech issue” can be as expensive as $100-250/hr. and on average can run thousands per occurrence.
  • Having full time IT staff, no downsides, and at potentially less half the cost.
  • “Traditional IT” is currently in the top 5 of any business expenses, and it is only going to become more and more expensive. 
  • In 2018, 67% of SMALL businesses experienced a cyber-attack.
    • 58% of those attacked experienced a Data breach.
  • In 2019, the average cost of a cyber-attack was $200,000.
  • The average costs to recover from a cyber-attack was ~$50,000
    • “For a big company, this is No problem” or a “drop in the bucket”.
      This can cripple a Small to Medium business.
  • A 2013 Study found during the 4th quarter; profits can drop more than 40% from a cyber-attack.
  • Getting “Hacked” or “Ransomed” is an average of $385,000. Includes the following costs for the following: 
    • Fines/fees for a Data breach 
    • Loss of productivity
    • Systems “Down Time”
    • Loss of Clientele and Loss of Reputation/PR
    • Credit Monitoring, etc.
  • Our Managed Security Services protect and covers the following: 
    • Ransomware, Phishing emails, and Spam-filters
    • Content Filtering
    • Data Encryption
    • Systems Logging
    • Patch Management Software
    • Hacking threats
    • Disaster Recovery
  • We run the latest anti-virus software, with possibility for Daily systems back-ups.
  • AI monitoring for usage trends.
  • Anti-Phishing/Ransomware Employee training.
  • Deploying the latest in AI to Scan emails and protect against phishing attacks using the most recent spam filters.
  • Can block Social Media/time wasting websites (i.e. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Reddit etc.)
  • Increase productivity so people can focus on their jobs more. 
  • We can block whatever sites you deem as a “time waster” you want.
  • We offer mobile device management for Cell Phones.
    • Encryption on devices protecting your assets and data in the event a device is lost/stolen. 
    • GPS tracking.
    • We can remotely wipe lost devices.
  • We can trace what users are accessing data. 
  • We can restrict user access to what they need for their “day to day” or position, Preventing unauthorized users from access to unprotected or sensitive data.
    • Think of it as a digital Logbook that is done automatically for you.
  • We can set “permission levels” restricting access to any unprotected data.
  • We can restrict “installs” on devices/machines.
  • We can get alerts for users who are accessing data in an “unusual” way.
  • Making sure when critical security updates come out you get them installed/applied in a timely manner.
    • Protects against known vulnerabilities and minimizes your downtime.
  • We run next gen Firewalls utilizing gateway antivirus including
    • GeoIP filtering to block access from china and other countries.
    • DPI/SSL (De-Packet Inspection over Secure Socket Layer)
      • Inspects all incoming packets, runs against known virus signature database.
      • Essentially a dynamic firewall.
        • Blocks bad, allows good.
        • Tests “unknown” through a process called “remote detonation”.
          • Takes files, sends it to a remote server, activates file, and monitors what it does, if it accesses any protected system files.
          • If it does, then it is flagged for malicious activity and blocks it from entering the network.
  • We offer Daily backups (even hourly if necessary).
  • In the event of (cyber-attack/possible breach/hack/ransoming/Fire/Flood/etc) we can take your data/systems, boot it up in the cloud using VPN and have you back up and running in 1 hour.
  • We can set up remote desktop server which allows users to access corporate data over a Secure VPN tunnel with Logging and monitoring which keeps data secured and more controlled and we have the ability to access the data without having to house the data on a personal, unsecured computer, reducing risk of data breaches.
  • We have the ability to cut off access at a moment’s notice if necessary.
  • You can work from ANYWHERE in the world while still accessing the same files as if they were in the office, on a secure network.
  • We can give you the ability to securely run special applications as well, so no extra licensing fees required for additional “machines”.

Our support is available whenever you need it. Check out the support page or call us at +1 231 818 8349.